Thursday, April 29, 2010

lovely Maizatul Azamiah Muhibin

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Dear Zaza,

you don't know how much i appreciate you as a friend of mine.
or i shall say as a good, close friend.
remember the first time we met.
we were on the way back to mansoura from CICC program in cairo.
at that time, i was talking to ulfah.
and you just sat silently among us, listening to our conversation.
i didn't even know you but i didn't feel uneasy at all.
strange right?
maybe that was the chemistry between us. :)
soon as we arrived in mansoura, ulfah and i, not to forget, tasya,
were heading straight away to your house to know where you live,
in fact it was already midnight.
and you even offered us to rent at your house because it was still vacant at that time.
of course la neither of us yang nak. 
*kitorang dah bayar kat gmn untuk setahun pulakkk*

we got to know each other better.
we did have a 'clique' once; tashdiq translation.
ouh, how i missed that time, seven of us.
we played bowling.. gaming.. watching movies (me excluded).. shopping.. eating.. starbucks and even skipping dr. atef's cvs lecture on the following day. 
"kalau family saya baca ni, mati" :-S
at first we were damned worried because we didn't plan at all to stay for another day.
but that was the only option we had, and we were able to make our time joyous and unforgettable.

when i was through my hard times, i went to look for you.
i slept over at your house, to feel a little secure.
not once, but more.
i was grateful because not only you accepted me, all of your housemates understood my condition,
at times no one else could accept me and give some protection.
there was one day, at your house,
you suddenly held my hand (faham-fahamlah u),
and we were spontaneously laughing at burst.
*sumpah gile lawak time tu*
though it wasn't funny at all,
we did have fun when we were together right.
the best part was when we hung out together in mansoura,
padahal mansoura takde pape pun.
*this one i can't elaborate more* :D

you were always full of secrets.
*yang tak tahan bila u dah terlepas and either i or ulfah nak korek, mesti u suruh claim at year 4*.
ok zaza, now it is in black-and-white in my blog,
for sure i won't forget to claim.
siap u nanti. ;)
how i missed gossiping with you dear.
telling these stories and those,
sampai kena marah dengan kak fathiah.
hehe. "we were at the midst of final exam pulakk."
sharing these tips and those.
studied together.. stayed-up.. and fell asleep at almost subuh..
pastu kak fathiah lah yang tegar gerak suruh bangun solat :D
masa tu rumah dekat, boleh la nak datang selalu kan.
now we are separated by more than 5 streets (between galaa and rabi' street, i xtau ada bape streets), susah lerr.

u always told me that, 
"u are lucky coz u have awesome friends who loves u.."
do you know why?
because you are one of them.
seriously dear, my awesome friends wouldn't complete without you.
i'll always pray for this everlasting relationship.
friends eternally~

ouh, what's the point i bebel-ing all of these?
the reason is.. i just want you to know, how much i appreciate our friendship, even more the words can say.
now you know.
so on your big day today, i would like to list down all good wishes for you.      
but if i do so, my fingers wouldn't stop typing.
hopefully the mampu-listed-wishes are enough;  

wish you:-
# happy 20th birthday. now you are already twen-TY, tua dah. hakhak.
# to always be at tip-top health, don't skip baraka. :D
# always murah rezeki, boleh shopping selalu. *wink*
# to succeed in your life now and ever.
# to get married before graduating. u nk kn? ;)
# to be happy ever after~~
# ouh, last but not least, all the best for the final exams. mumtaz yok! :)

eyh kejap.
nak selitkan sikit gambar your birthday celebration 
on 28th april 2010, at 5.00 p.m.

venue: slamlek restaurant




Tuesday, April 27, 2010

inhale, then exhale

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what a stressful night.
just now i had to hear female egyptians chatting and laughing from the next door till could irritate my sense of hearing,
pity to my organ of Corti.
and now my mouse (not a pet huh, tetikus) doesn't want to function properly.
i don't want to buy a new one as the present is recently bought.
ouh please function lah wehhh.
"ko nyala an tapi nape takmo gerakkan cursor?"

what do i do usually if i'm stressed out?
1. eating chocs
2. nyanyi kuat-kuat
3. tidur
4. merayap kat luar sorang-sorang

as for now, i choose option no. 2.
turn on the volume loudly and let's sing along.

p/s: sori to jiran-jiran melayu kat bawah sebab saya memekak :D

Monday, April 26, 2010

soul-soothing hobby

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it has been three days since my last post. biochemistry and physiology sheets were on 24th, and i supposed to have an ample of time to do blogging. but my mind was empty to post anything, and my fingers didn't feel like typing. my fingers' laziness even made me to appear invisible on yahoo messenger. hehs, now you got me. sorry people, i don't feel like chatting with anyone. i'm just not being me for a while.
during the exams' week, i posted everyday without fail. and now the exams is over, just have to wait for written and oral exams which i don't know when exactly. rumors said it will be postponed again. *sigh* my interest for blogging is going down. i don't know why but i can conclude that, my stressful life during exams inspired me to post something so that i could release my tense, at least i would be still sane until i graduate medicine. *i used to hear that people getting insane after studying difficult stuffs like medicine, for sure* and now no exams means no ideas so no posts :D

two days past, i have been doing something which i am not used to. i did nothing to my blog, online ym just to check offline messages then just signed out, and i just sat in front of my lappy to watch movies which is not me at all. i even managed to watch all the 11 episodes of adamaya, the most famous malay series nowadays, i suppose, within just one night. today at the university, i heard people talking about movies and i just felt annoyed to hear. and i don't feel like watching some more, that's why i post something here which is really me. :)

ouh, please don't think that i'm such a bookworm, as i don't watch movies much as other teens do. i just prefer to do other things rather than watching movies. maybe because i'm already used to my school life. five years in boarding school so no television means nothing to me. when i backed at home, i was able to watch what my mother watched only. she was and is a housewife, obviously she would be at home 24/7. if cooking channel she watched, then cooking i learn. if indonesian series, indon language i spoke. mostly were drama series, which i was not interested much to watch as i knew i wouldn't be able, ever, to finish it. *hello, cuti sekolah paling lama pun 2 minggu je.*

it is very soul-soothing to post in my blog, while listening to music. trust me people, blogging is enjoyable. i never felt this way before when i facebook-ing or friendster-ing. that's why i never regret to delete both accounts. you can never stop me blogging, i dare you. this is where i can say anything as i want. if i talk to people, people would possibly argue with me, or never listen to my opinions. when it is typed, you can read on your own, and judge me people.

my post is done. ok, tarik balik statement kat atas tu. my interest for blogging never fades away. just sometimes i'm lacking of ideas. ok, what am i supposed to do next? study la ekh. :D

p/s: officially buka kipas hari ni. panas lah.
p/s: dehydrated wehh~~

Friday, April 23, 2010

sheet biochemistry

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sheet biochemistry 2nd year for tomorrow's exam is as follow:

kuku besi.. eyh2, bukan.

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Dosa Berkuku Panjang 
Dikatakan bahawa menyimpan sebatang jari kuku yang panjang, dosanya sama seperti memelihara sekandang babi, jika kesemua jejari kita menyimpan kuku yang panjang.... bayangkanlah dosa yang telah kita tanggung untuk kesemua babi-babi tersebut.... potonglah kuku anda.

The Truth
Jangan simpan kuku panjang walaupun hanya 1 mm atau pun hanya jari kelingking. 
Bagi orang Islam adalah tidak sesuai berkuku panjang atas apa alasan sekalipun kerana ia tidak membayangkan kesucian dan ia juga bukan budaya kita apatah lagi menggunakan tangan untuk beristinjak.
Orang Melayu yang berkuku panjang biasanya mempunyai anak yang bodoh atau pun degil dan suka melepak sebab diberi makan bahan kotor yang berada di kuku jari emaknya semasa menyediakan makanan seperti memerah santan kelapa, buat cokodok pisang, uli tepong, dll. Apa ilmu pun yang di ajar pun tak akan boleh diterima masuk ke dalam kepala. Percayalah. 
Pasal tabiat berkuku panjang inilah yang membuatkan orang Melayu mundur dan tidak berjaya. Syarikat Melayu yang bangkrap dan rugi teruk adalah kerana mempunyai pekerja dan pemilik yang berkuku panjang.
Untuk yang bujang beringatlah. Kalau hendak cari pasangan dan hendak anak yang pandai dan mendengar kata pilihlah wanita atau lelaki yang sentiasa berkuku pendek. Insya-Allah.
And additional info, kuku panjang mempunyai sejenis  kuman  seperti  yang  terdapat  dalam  najis manusia, iaitu E-Coli. Kuman tersebut tidak akan hilang walaupun kita mencuci tangan dengan  sabun. Oleh itu,  sentiasalah berkuku pendek untuk kesihatan dan kebersihan diri sendiri.

 buruk gila kott kalau kuku panjang :P

artikel dipetik dari sini.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

partial blindness

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pelik sangat ke kalau saya tak post apa-apa dalam masa sehari sampai ada orang bertanyakan "sabby, mana post?"  bukan seorang je yang tanya masalahnya. takpe, tu tandanya orang tu pelawat setia blog saya. ada orang jeles tau sebab dia tiada pelawat tetap macam saya. *orang tersebut mesti tengah ketap bibir ni* :P

sangat suka dan seronok sebab dapat sokongan moral camtu. buat saya semangat nak post. sebenarnya hari ni tiada idea nak post apa-apa. ingatkan tak nak buka laptop dah lepas dah offline petang tadi. sebabnya saya perlu study untuk sheet physio dan biochem hari sabtu ni. tapi masalahnya sangat tiada mood untuk belek-belek notes yang ada. maka saya bercadang untuk study melalui wikipedia saja. *bajet aku budak manchester la* :D

tengah usha-usha topic itu topic ini, saya terasa nak post pasal visual field. tambahan pula ada rakan saya sorang tu confuse dengan hemianopia. dia terasa dia ada penyakit sedemikian memandangkan dia tak boleh melihat dengan normal. katanya, dia perlu melihat secara senget sikit untuk melihat dengan lebih jelas.
tapi yang sebenarnya, untuk kes dia, dia hanyalah rabun. hemianopia ini sendiri bermaksud loss of half of a field of vision.

 visual pathway.

1. Paris as seen with full visual fields (normal)

namun, jika ada kecacatan (lesion) pada mana-mana bahagian pathway tersebut, maka akan menyebabkan kecacatan yang dipanggil sebagai separa buta.

2. Paris as seen with bitemporal hemianopia
*lesion in optic chiasma*
3. Paris as seen with binasal hemianopia
*lesion in optic chiasma*
4. Paris as seen with left homonymous hemianopia
*lesion in optic tract*

5. Paris as seen with right homonymous hemianopia
*lesion in optic tract*

p/s: nak tau lebih, visit laman ni.
p/s: to people who don't study medic, i apologize for not explaining in standard language.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

new, cute chatbox

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tadi saya blogwalking di blog seseorang.
saya pergi la comment di chatbox beliau dan tekan satu word tu 
lalu keluar emoticon yang saya agak sangat cute!
chatbox yang digunakan ialah cbox.
maka saya pun membuat keputusan untuk menggunakan cbox juga.
perlukah saya remove shoutmix saya?
*sila vote*

di sini cbox saya.

anda boleh cuba menekan pelbagai emoticon untuk melihat hasilnya.
basically saya customize berdasarkan standard shortcut.
dan saya menambah beberapa emoticon berdasarkan perkataan harian yang sering kita guna,
seperti tidur, study, makan, blogwalking dll.
selamat bermain dengan emoticon baru tersebut! 

p/s: semalam dah selamat practical histo dan hari ni practical anat.
focus hari ni pada practical biochem esok.
p/s: selamat meneruskan perjuangan semua orang!~~

Monday, April 19, 2010

friends are everywhere. but true friends..?

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when a person tells me something, i take what they say at face value. i do not infer meaning. i do not hypothesize possible deviations. i simply take their message as their word and then look toward their actions to solidify their words. i trust. this has kept my heart open to all the possibilities in life, but it has also allowed my heart to be broken more times than i can remember by friends who have told me one thing and then later told me another, leaving me confused, unsure of how to keep believing in people.

Time, lessons, learning have all taught me to see things clearer, to see people in less clear cut shapes, to see them in the corners behind trees, their forms ever changing, yet in the end collectively forming an identifiable and definable form.

this kind of friends are everywhere. i know sometimes friends don't tell the truth, because they want to cover the situation so that the other person won't get hurt by his/her actions. but when you get caught on cheating, cheat your beloved ones especially, no matter by words or actions, that will be the worst. shame on you. what you get from the other person is just being dishonestly. do you know what it equals to? just one word. hypocrite. and i have mentioned earlier in my older post, i can't befriends with hypocrite people.

please live your life by being honest. the most common idiom we ever heard, honesty is the best policy. which shows that honest is really needed in life, not just one of friendship's values. let our friendship shines bright. be straight. you get nothing when you live to cover everything from the truth.  explanation is the most preferable ever if you are afraid your actions/words might hurt the other person.

i have mentioned several times. lies are not about your dishonest words only, your actions are also included. your actions ok. it is about your attitude..~~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

physiology practical exam was...

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alhamdulillah.. dah selamat jawab physiology practical tadi. itu baru permulaan, ada banyak lagi yang menanti. practical tadi, saya dapat tajuk basal metabolic rate. mudah kan? saya bersyukur sangat tak dapat tajuk kidney yang digeruni, tajuk cns yang kompleks, atau tajuk special sense yang punyalah banyak reflex + test. namun, walaupun nampak mudah, tapi tidaklah senang.

tadi kami bermula lebih kurang pukul 9 am. ahli kumpulan kami bermula dengan no. giliran 3638 hingga 3849. nampak banyak, tapi hakikatnya sekejap je habis. sedangkan kami budak malaysia yang agak ramai pun, semua masuk sekali gus. nak katalah yang ada banyak soalan, bukannya soalan yang saya post dalam older post je yang naik. ada yang berulang tapi ada banyak juga yang kita tak pernah tengok pun.

saya dapat soalan no. 9. first impression, ok. tambah pula bukannya macam last year. kalau last year akan disediakan 2 kertas soalan yang berbeza topik. kali ni satu je. saya jawab berdasarkan soalan bermula dengan definition, normal value, enumerate basal condition. semua ini ditulis secara tulisan kasar je. then i proceed, and i got stuck when the next question asked for equation of BMR. sumpah lupa gila. nervous sangat. tambah plak, sebelum exam tadi tak belek langsung pasal BMR, padahal dah pernah revise bukan main mantap lagi sebelum ni. bukan tu saja, kertas sebelah tu ada soalan untuk kira BMR pesakit. if you don't remember the equation, how can you expect to calculate the BMR of the given patient?

masa tengah kalut ni lah doktor datang sebelah, nak soal. tapi nasib baiklah saya dapat minta masa lebih dengan menggunakan alasan saya baru masuk. ada kes rakan saya, dia tak dapat minta masa lebih padahal dia baru je masuk. kata doktor tu, "this is a practical exam, not written." uish, nasiblah. masa yang saya ada kononnya nak guna lah untuk cari jawapan sampai dapat. tapi saya memang tak dapat recall equation tu. dan doktor dah datang lagi sekali untuk soal. kali ni memang pasrah habislah. seorang datang dari kanan untuk menyoal, dan seorang datang dari kiri saya untuk menarik buku praktikal saya ke tepi. dan dekat meja tepi, ada 2-3 orang doktor memerhatikan saya. kedudukan saya di meja tengah, tapi di tepi sekali.

saya pun dengan gementarnya ingin menjelaskan equation yang saya buat tu. boleh perasan sangat-sangat yang saya tengah nervous. suara saya shaking kottt. tengah saya cakap tu, doktor interrupt dan pegang lengan saya dengan lembut (doktor perempuan ok), dan berkata, "define BMR.". saya pun definasikanlah dan juga menyebut segala-mala basal condition tu. waktu tu suara saya memang sangatlah bergetar. doktor tersebut berkata sesuatu pada doktor yang ada kat meja tepi tu, in arabic la, dan mereka semua gelak!! mesti mereka gelakkan saya yang tengah nervous tu. :(( sebelum doktor tu beredar, saya sempat terlihat beliau menulis angka 15 dan dibulatkan. alhamdulillah, itu je kalimah yang terbit waktu itu.

dalam kes saya, saya sangatlah bernasib baik sebab dapat doktor yang baik, dan tanya soalan yang saya consider sangat senang. beliau suruh define je wehhh! tapi kes kawan-kawan saya sangat kesian. ada yang dapat gambar pathway corneal reflex, tapi gambar tu bukan gambar biasa yang ada dalam buku. ada yang kat kertas tanya pasal crude touch, tapi doktor tanya apa effect hemisection of spinal cord pada crude touch. ada yang dapat intestinal motility, tapi doktor tanya apa reflex yang terjadi bila makanan masuk dalam mulut dan jawapannya lebih kurang gastrointestinal camtu.  ada yang kat kertas tanya pasal hyperthermia dan fever, tapi doktor tanya pasal hypothermia, dan ditanya kenapa tak boleh boil thermometer. haaa..jawab lah korang.

kesimpulannya, belajar la physiology as a whole. jangan ikut je apa contoh soalan tu. just expect the worst. sebab doktor memang tak semestinya tanya soalan berdasarkan kertas soalan semata. practical, bukannya written. hafal segala-mala equation tu, ingat pathway satu-satu. relay ke apa. ingat penyakit, lesion. kepada rakan-rakan group 5, all the best ye esok. masa yang ada ni baca banyak-banyak. dan jangan nervous sangat, nanti jadi macam saya. :( insyaALLAH berkat usaha korang, korang boleh jawab nanti. :)

ulfah last person. ambil berkat daripada sume orang ea, fah? :P

p/s: sejak akhir-akhir ni, sering taip perkataan yang berlainan dengan fikiran? lesion apa ek? :D

physiology sayang.. oh practical!

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our war is continued.
second round..
banyaknya lagi tak baca. :((
dah la ngantok ni.

saya perlu sambung dating dengan physiology.
it's already 2 am tapi saya tak buka lagi cns!!
help is needed~

p/s: moh kita doa saya tak dapat any question berkaitan dengan kidney. :D
p/s: all the best to all group 4 people! 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

do you know what it feels like?

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why is a person changing?
there are always reasons for all the things that happened.
i dislike awkwardness.. that's why i'd rather prefer people to tell me what and where is going wrong..
either the blame is on me or on the person him/herself.
and i am that type of person ok, i tak suka i cakap.
tapi bila dah tak larat nak cakap tu, maknanya dah fed-up la.
"i do/say something only when i care."
"if i stop, that means i don't care anymore."
it's true when people say
"Silence is the true friend that never betrays."
the thing is we can't neglect that

“Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.”
p/s: to be the last person to know is the thing that i hate the most~~

Friday, April 16, 2010

Esteqama Nordin

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Dear Esteqama,

May this year be your best ever.
I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.
Not just a year older, but a year better.
A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
May the best of your past be the worst of your future.
Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!
May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.
And not to forget, thank you for playing your role as the assistant leader of batch 08-14.
Last but not least, all the best for the upcoming exams.

insyaAllah one day, together we'll be outfitted like this.ameen~ :)

lots of love,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

jom magnify benda kecil itu

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jom tengok slide.
sambil ditemani oleh makanan diet, yoghurt.
=p~ la sangat kan..~

semalam pegi awadalla (supermarket kat mansoura).
setelah habiskan duit hampir le 100,
saya rasa awadalla tak best pun.
tak puas la shopping.
padahal barang-barang kat sana murah dah,
and banyak la jugak barang kat sana.
tapi takde kepuasan la bila saya balik rumah dan tengok barang saya.
"aku habiskan dekat 100 tapi ni je barang aku?"
ada tak tempat lain yang best shopping kat mansoura ni?
:( :D :P

p/s: nak tips belajar histo~~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

just stand up

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to people out there, yang terasa cam down je nak study, hari ni saya nak share lagu yang agak-agak boleh lift up spirit korang. bukan lagu baru pun, since last year saya layan lagu ni, especially bila tengah depressed. jom layan~~

lagu ni cam agak menarik kan.
dah la penyanyi-penyanyi yang agak terkenal gak,
pastu nyanyi ramai-ramai.
the lyrics pun meaningful gila you..~
enjoy!! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

jadual final exam has been finalised

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jadual baru?
nah, it's proven!

practical 2nd year

written 2nd year

oral 2nd year

practical 1st year

written 1st year

oral 1st year

ok,secara rasminya, memang jadual berubah.
exam dilambatkan tapi tiada masa untuk berfoya-foya ok?!~

p/s: 3rd year nye jadual, tengok sendiri kat blog pcm :D

perubahan jadual. again?!~

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entah kali yang ke berapa, hari ni jadual final exam kami berubah lagi. dah la start makin lambat, pastu gap between papers sangat lah kejap. :((

any forwarded message yang rakan-rakan dapat daripada sabby, itu bukan originally dari sabby. saya pun distribute je.

papehal kita nantikan kata putus daripada dr. nesreen esok.

salam imtihan~

Monday, April 12, 2010

the truth is not true

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there was one night when i talked to my father. he asked me to take the greatest care of my health. i was quite suspicious with his statement but i just took it easily.

then i went to see my 2nd brother and he asked me, just the same what my father did. i can't help myself to know more. so, i forcibly asked him and he told me that i'll be undergoing an operation, arm operation because there's something wrong with my hand, which means it can no longer be used (cause dia macam sebab diabetes, tapi diabetes bukan ke kena remove kaki ke?erkk..). and he added that my father will be the donor to replace my hand.

so.. he advised me to:
# be alert of what i consume daily
# use 'my father's hand' wisely
# not disappoint my father in whatever my doings, especially when using his hand

ok people, i am glad that all of it was only a dream!! syukur, alhamdulillah. ni sume tidur siang a.k.a lepas asar punya pasal. i couldn't help myself to stay awake because of my dizziness suddenly came again. after taking 2 pills of panadol acti-fast and 2 pills of baraka (nigella sativa oil), then i syahid. :D

let's take the dream from the bright side. realitinya, memang itulah nasihat abah saya bila menjelang minggu peperiksaan. sejak saya berada di sekolah asrama lagi. mesti dia pesan; jaga solat.. baca quran.. tidur cukup.. jangan stay-up.. waktu tidur la maklumat proses jadi ingatan.. jaga makan.. jangan diet.. nanti nak belajar pun takde energy..

ouh, abah saya memang pantang kalau saya diet. pernah dia cakap macam ni, "nak diet sangat buat apa? nanti langgar meja sikit pun dah rapuh tulang tu, tak kuat sebab nutrient tak cukup". (padahal saya tak pernah diet pun, berat turun sendiri) ahaha. agak lawak kan, tapi tu lah, he cares. :) so jangan la cakap saya gemuk ke apa, tak nak diet lah. lagipun BMI saya normal apa; 20.1. *wink*. biarpun tembam. itu aset ok. :D

even it was only a dream, i can't neglect my brother's advice. it sounded very real to me. insyaAllah sabby tak kecewakan family sabby sume. :)

huhu. rindunya~

p/s: abang, jom balik summer break ni :)