Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm drying out.

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This morning I  suddenly realized that all my skin products are for dry skin. My blue package Herbal Essence shampoo is for dry/damaged hair (actually it's conditioner cause I use another product for shampoo), pink package FA shower foam (cream&oil) which is to prevent skin from drying out, Neutrogena facial bar is a dry skin formula, and not forget to mention the after bath products which are Aloe Vera skin gel, Garnier hydrating lotion, Johnson's baby lotion, and Aqua cream (this one is provided by my father, it's used to generate oily protective layer onto the skin).

The thing here is, why am I still drying out? I took nutritious meal and enough water supply (or maybe JUST enough). I got vitamins from fruits by evidence that 1 kg orange daily.I don't rub my skin anymore during bathing cause I know it will remove oily layer from the skin. But why??? My skin is now so ugly. :(

Anyone who cares, pays attention to my problem, please help me out. My dry skin easily got hurt out of nowhere, and it's painful.

I got each line daily.
(ni baru kat jari...kat laen?..)

p/s: an accident occurred to the same finger. tersepit celah kerusi!! saket sangat. :(
p/s/s: saya macam promoter barang dah. :D
p/s/s/s: winter cepat lah pergi. tak tahan kulit kering dan sejuk dah ni. ~~

Monday, December 20, 2010

B's new home.

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Asal balik dari kuliah je, 
mesti runsing bila bilik bersepah dan berpasir.
Asal pergi lepak kat rumah kawan je, 
mesti risau nak tinggalkan rumah lama-lama.
Asal nak study/tidur je, 
mesti serabut sebab asyik kena kacau.

Ini semua gara-gara melayan kerenah si b yang nakal, kucing yang dah dibela sejak 7 bulan (plus) yang lepas.

Memandangkan sudah penat bertahan selama ni, akhirnya saya mengambil inisiatif untuk membuat rumah b sendiri. Asalnya memang la saya bercadang hanya untuk membeli sangkar berjaring di kedai. Harga yang terlampau mahal menyebabkan saya rasa tak berbaloi, dan lebih baik jika dibuat sendiri.

Kriteria sangkar yang saya perlukan ialah mestilah besar, sehingga boleh memuatkan bekas makanan, tempat tidur dan juga bekas pasir.

Setelah seharian di hujung minggu bertungkus-lumus membuat sangkar (teringat dulu-dulu bila kena tolong ummi buat sangkar arnab), akhirnya saya boleh menghela nafas kelegaan dan berpuas hati dengan hasil kerja saya sendiri.


Rumah B

winter camni, heater selalu kena conquer dengan b. ;)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Contest Manisnya Senyuman

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Jom ramai-ramai join contest ni =)

syarat penyertaan senang je.
klik sana, klik sini, copy paste, taip-taip sikit = selesai ^_^
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  5. Tag 2 blog yang lain.
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[penganjur nak g sambung study. takut busy lak nanti. ehe]


Sebuah senyuman :) dan reload RM1X.

my pic: 

"tidak perlu cermin yang jelas untuk memantulkan kecantikan kerana senyum itu sudah mempamerkan keceriaan yang mengaburi selebihnya :)"

Done tagging for AUNI and QILLERMAZ.aka.MAMA. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4

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This post is dedicated to my first bro, who's planning to buy a new phone.

Difference between iPhone 4 and Nokia N8.
The iPhone 4 faces another new opponent in the Nokia N8. It is roughly the same size and weight as the iPhone and also features the same functionalities as a multi-touch large screen. The main difference between the two phones is the operating systems that they run. The iPhone runs on the iOS that is developed by Apple for their products while the N8 has the Symbian operating system that is also used mostly by Nokia phones. The iOS may have the edge when it comes to the number and variety of apps but Symbian is already tried and tested when it comes to business applications.
Both phones have the same size screen but that is pretty much their similarity. Apple went with an extremely high resolution of 960×640 for a small device while Nokia choose to go with the more typical 640×360. The higher resolution allows for finer images, whether it’s photos or icons. For Nokia, they decided to go with an AMOLED display rather than an LCD. The AMOLED display consumes less power, has better color reproduction, and is more resistant to direct sunlight. It’s up to the user whether he wants a higher resolution or the superior display.
When it comes to memory, Apple continues with what they’ve done to most of their products. Include a huge amount of internal memory but leaving out any possibility of expansion; in 16GB and 32GB versions. Just like most other smartphones, the N8 has a microSD card slot that can accommodate card sizes of up to 32GB. Don’t worry though, as it also has 16GB of internal memory so you do not have to purchase a memory card if you don’t really need to.

There is a huge difference when it comes to the cameras of both phones. The N8 has a 12 megapixel sensor while the iPhone only has a 5 megapixel sensor. A very high solution means greater detail in the image taken but it also means that the pictures you take are much bigger in size. But you can scale down the size if you want to.
1.    The iPhone 4 runs the iOS while the N8 uses the Symbian OS
2.    The iPhone 4 has a much higher resolution than the N8
3.    The iPhone 4 uses an LCD display while the N8 uses AMOLED
4.    The iPhone 4 does not have a memory card slot while the N8 does
5.    The iPhone 4 camera has a lower resolution than the N8’s

 iPhone 4

Nokia N8   

p/s: so abang, i suggest u buy N8 because there are too many people using iPhone already. Cepat la beli! :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dry skin? Here is the solution.

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Dry skin is very synonym with winter season. I suppose it happens to every person, and to me as well. Here is some information that i've gathered.

What causes dry skin?
It is a problem that everyone faces at one point or another through life. Often a quick look at the cause of dry skin can help you to prevent it from returning. Common risk factors include:
• Age. Changes in skin happen over time. Oil production often decreases with age.
 Bathing. Taking baths and showers that are too long or too hot can remove protective oils your skin needs for moisture. Frequent hand washing can cause sore, red, chapped dry skin on the hands also.
• Dehydration. Dry skin is a lack of water in the skin. If you aren't drinking enough you will have dry skin. One of the most important things you can do for overall health is drink eight glasses of water a day. 
• Gender. Menopause increases dry skin in women. 
• Health. General health issues affect the body's ability to care for the skin. Diseases such as diabetes can increase chances you will have to deal with dry skin.
 Sun exposure. Sun dries your skin and causes damage to the skin increasing dry skin problems.

How Can I Prevent Dry Skin?

You can prevent dry skin by decreasing the time you are in the shower or bath tub. Only shower once daily and keep that under 15 minutes. This keeps your body's natural oils available for protection. When you cleanse your skin use gentle cleansers with moisturizers added. Several soaps on the market have moisturizers in them such as Olay, Neutrogena, and Dove products.
If soap is too harsh for your skin you can use cleansers that are for the disorder, such as Cetaphil and Aveeno.  Deodorant and antibacterial soaps are notorious for causing flaking. When you are washing your skin, be gentle and try not to irritate or damage your skin.  When drying off after showering you shouldn't rub your skin, instead blot the water off with a towel.

The best products for dry skin include a combination of these ingredients:

• Aloe. An Emollient extracted from leaves of the aloe vera plant that help to remove dead cells and lock in water to moisturize skin.
• Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Assist in exfoliation.
• Antioxidants. Vitamins A, C, and E are a few antioxidants that help protect cell membranes and fatty tissues and repair damage caused by air pollutants and UV rays. 
• Dimethicone. A silicone that protects and lubricates skin.
• Emollients. Help to replace lipids to lubricate skin. An emollient is a mixture of oil and water making a richer, heavier moisturizer than other types of moisturizers.
 Glycerin. A natural by-product of the soap-making process that attracts water to your skin.
• Humectants. Substances that attract water. These tend to work better in where it is humid. 
• Rosehip seed oil. Studies have shown this oil to repair dry skin as well as decreasing wrinkles and other imperfections. 
 Vitamin A. Vitamin A or retinoic acid helps to keep pores clear and improves sun damage.

Well, i hope we all can face the dry skin problem. All the best people!~

Saturday, December 4, 2010

ym terlampau.

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sejak 2-3 hari ni asyik ada masalah dengan alam maya ni. chewahh, ayat mahal tu. tak tau la masalah dengan ym version 11 ni, ataupun dengan net connection.

2-3 hari lepas saya bagai dihantui dengan bunyi pop up message ym, tapi realitinya tiada message pun yang keluar. bunyi semata. saya consider itu hanyalah bayangan saya.

nak dijadikan cerita, saya ni ada 2 id yahoo. satu saya gunakan secara regular dan id tetap untuk sign in ym. lagi 1 hanyalah id tambahan untuk urusan yang remeh, yang saya tak nak campur adukkan dengan urusan rasmi dalam emel regular.

sebentar tadi saya sign in ym macam biasa. dan pada masa yang sama, saya sign in emel menggunakan email address lagi satu. saya dapat message ym daripada rakan, yang mana rakan tersebut memang ada dalam list id ym regular saya. saya pelik kerana saya terima message di id tambahan, tapi tidak di id regular. tak mungkin la rakan saya tak hantar di id regular saya. itu forawarded message yang ingin disebarkan.

cerita tadi lagi, kawan saya gelakkan status ym saya, kerana dia kata saya telah idle selama 33 hari!! agak-agak ar ym ni. mana ada orang biar laptop tak terusik tapi dalam keadaan on, dalam masa lebih sebulan! tak logik langsung la.

jadi kesimpulan saya, saya rasa selama ni mesti ada banyak message di ym yang tak updated. mana tak nya, bunyi je keluar, tapi message tiada. kadang tu orang lain dapat forwarded ym, tapi macam tak sampai je kat saya. silap kat mana ni? ym ke net connection?

bahan bukti yang rakan saya snap. hee~

sedih betul la duduk kat egypt ni. nak dapat internet yang stabil pun payah...

Friday, December 3, 2010

pahlawan zaman moden

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ingat zaman dah maju, tahun dah berlalu, kita tak berpeluang ke berjumpa dengan pahlawan lima bersaudara; hang tuah, jebat, kasturi, lekir dan lekiu?

pahlawan lima bersaudara!!

haha. kereta pun ada nama macam nama orang dah.

p/s: lagi info, rujuk sini. takmo la copy paste laman orang lain sebijik-sebijik. :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

zakat MAIDAM - settle!

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Alhamdulillah setelah 2 hari berulang-alik ke Cairo, akhirnya urusan mengambil wang zakat MAIDAM telah selesai. Pada mulanya kami telah menempah sebuah tremco dan pergi pada hari Isnin. Urusan yang tak selesai ditambah pula dengan leceh pergi beramai-ramai, bagi saya, mendorong saya untuk pergi lagi pada hari Selasa, berdua sahaja dengan kak dilla.

Berdasarkan daripada beberapa sumber yang saya dapat dan daripada pegawai Terengganu di Cairo itu sendiri, saya dapat tahu bahawa urusan mengenai zakat untuk tahun-tahun mendatang perlulah diuruskan sendiri oleh pelajar sekian-sekian. Ustaz Kamal tidak lagi ingin bertanggungjawab untuk menghantar borang ke Msia.

Tambahan pula, urusan mengambil wang zakat dan sebagainya, boleh dituntut di embassy (mulai hari Rabu; 1 Dis) kerana Ustaz Kamal tidak ingin lagi campur tangan dalam urusan mengenai pelajar. Ustaz Kamal kononnya merajuk dengan perbuatan sesetengah pelajar yang cuba menganiayai beliau.

moral of the story: janganlah perbuatan sesetengah pihak yang cuba menganiayai individu tersebut memberi kesan kepada pihak yang lain. maksud di sebalik cerita ini, disebabkan terdapat sesetengah pihak yang cuba menganiayai Ustaz Kamal, Ustaz Kamal terasa hati lalu mengambil keputusan untuk tidak lagi menguruskan SEMUA pelajar yang lain. 
think before you act~~